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Pricing plans for every budget

Whether you're an individual, a small team, or a growing enterprise, we have a plan that aligns perfectly with your goals.


You will need to buy a domain name in addition. Standard domain names cost GH₵179 per year.
GH₵ 480
1 Domain
No Free Domain
10GB SSD Space
20GB Bandwidth
10 Email Accounts
Free SSL Certificates


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840 GH₵ 735 Save GH₵105
3 Domains
Free Domain (1st Year)
Unlimited SSD Space
250 GB Bandwidth
100 Email Accounts
Free SSL Certificates
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Host unlimited domains: Get the first one for free. Save GH₵240 when you order now!
GH₵ 960 Save GH₵240
Unlimited Domains
Free Domain (1st Year)
Unlimited SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
200 Email Accounts
Free SSL Certificates
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Why Laravel hosting
matters. Elevate your web projects

Laravel Hosting matters because it empowers your web projects to reach new heights of performance and reliability.


  • Enhanced Performance Fully optimized server configurations and resources, ensuring swift execution of Laravel applications.
  • Advanced Securtity Measures With our Laravel hosting, you benefit from robust security features tailored to protect your web applications from various online threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Seamless Scalability We offer scalable infrastructure, allowing your applications to seamlessly adapt to fluctuating traffic demands and user loads.
  • Streemlined Development Workflow It comes equipped with tools and features specifically designed to streamline the development, deployment, and management of Laravel applications, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Technical features

Explore the comprehensive features offered by this hosting service.

Laravel Framework Support

The hosting environments are designed to support the Laravel PHP framework, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Composer Integration

Hosting for Laravel typically includes Composer integration, facilitating easy management of dependencies and third-party packages within your applications.

Artisan Command-Line Interface

Laravel hosting environments often provide access to the Artisan command-line interface, empowering developers to automate tasks, run migrations, and perform various operations with ease.

Database Management

Our Laravel hosting solution offers robust database management capabilities, supporting popular databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, and enabling seamless integration with Eloquent ORM.

PHP Version Control

Our platforms allow users to select and manage PHP versions, ensuring compatibility with Laravel's latest features and updates.

Git Integration

We offer Git integration, enabling developers to deploy applications directly from their version control repositories and facilitating collaborative development workflows.

SSL/TLS Security

Laravel hosting services prioritize security by offering SSL/TLS encryption for secure data transmission, protecting sensitive information and enhancing user trust.

Weekly Backups

Our hosting solution includes backup features, allowing users to schedule regular backups of their applications and databases for disaster recovery and data protection.

Scalable Infrastructure

We offer scalable infrastructure options, allowing users to easily scale their hosting resources up or down based on their application's needs and traffic fluctuations.

What is Laravel hosting?

Laravel hosting refers to web hosting services specifically optimized for hosting Laravel-based web applications. These hosting platforms are configured to support the Laravel PHP framework, providing compatibility, performance optimization, and additional features tailored to the developers' needs.

It includes support for Composer dependency management, access to Laravel's Artisan command-line interface, database management tools, and integration with version control systems like Git.

These specialized services ensure smooth deployment, management, and scalability of Laravel applications while offering security features and infrastructure optimizations specific to Laravel's requirements.

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Frequently Asked

Quick answers to questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our full documentation.

Laravel hosting refers to web hosting services specifically optimized for hosting Laravel applications. It's important because Laravel is a PHP framework that requires specific server configurations and dependencies to run efficiently.  It ensures compatibility, performance, and security for your Laravel-based projects.

Key features to consider include support for the required PHP version (usually PHP 7 or higher), compatibility with Laravel's dependencies such as Composer and MySQL, SSH access for deployment and maintenance, SSL certificate support for secure connections, automated backups, scalability options, and dedicated support knowledgeable about Laravel-specific issues.

While it's technically possible to deploy Laravel applications on shared hosting, it's not recommended for production environments due to potential performance limitations and compatibility issues. Shared hosting often lacks the necessary server configurations and resources required by Laravel. For optimal performance and security, it's advisable to choose a hosting provider offering specialized Laravel hosting or VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.

Deployment of a Laravel application typically involves steps such as configuring your server environment, setting up a version control system like Git, transferring your codebase to the server, installing dependencies using Composer, configuring environmental variables, setting up the database, and configuring web server settings such as Nginx or Apache. We offer deployment tools or guides to streamline this process, as well as supporting deployment via SSH or FTP.

Performance optimization techniques for Laravel hosting include enabling server-side caching mechanisms like OpCode caching, utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver static assets efficiently, optimizing database queries, implementing lazy loading and eager loading for database relationships, minimizing external dependencies and HTTP requests, enabling GZIP compression for faster content delivery, and utilizing tools like Laravel Horizon or Supervisor for managing background tasks. Regular monitoring and performance tuning are also essential for maintaining optimal performance over time.

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